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Silhouetted Scenes Inside of Hearts by Gabri Pais

Silhouetted Scenes Inside of Hearts by Gabri Pais

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Beautiful, heart-melting black and grey work that tells a story in a single image.

Capturing a mood, a story, and a feeling in a single image is an illustrator's dream. Being able to convey meaning without words, without multiple images to explain sequence — it really is the basis for the best works of art. While Gabri Pais, a tattooist based in Cagliari, Italia, has a broad range of tattoos under his belt, we've gathered a series of his work that's entirely images inside of anatomical hearts that manage to capture a single poignant moment in a story.

The level of anatomical detail varies from tattoo to tattoo, client to client, and adds to whatever's occurring in the scene within. Ventricles become trees or chimneys or windows, and veins become roots or sidewalk. Pais manages to use his heart shape as both a boundary for his storytelling as well as an element in the scene itself. 

Pais has an Instagram full of hearts and sundry other designs. His black and grey style is gorgeous and worth a follow. 

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