Simona Blanar: Watercolor Tattoos with Heart

Simona Blanar: Watercolor Tattoos with Heart

This tattooist's work is filled with dazzling colors and poetic imagery.

Simona Blanar is a graphic tattoo artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. She creates poetic tattoos with watercolor effects. 

In such a crowded industry, tattooers have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Blanar does this in two major ways. Firstly, she embodies each of her watercolor style tattoos with a narrative. As you look at her art an entire story will come to your mind. The second unique feature of Blanar's work is the cute heart she adds to her tattoos, just like a signature. 

Her tattoos celebrate nature, life, and art. And, of course, they are extremely heart-warming. So wear your heart on your sleeve (and your body) with these watercolor tattoos by Simona Blanar! 

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Cat tattoo by Simona Blanar #SimonaBlanar #watercolor #graphic #heart #cat

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