Simple and Dream-Like Micro Tattoos of Seyoon Gim

Simple and Dream-Like Micro Tattoos of Seyoon Gim

It's a micro tattoo wonderland with South Korean tattooer Seyoon Gim's tiny, lovable, daydream-like pieces.

Seyoon Gim is yet another gem from South Korea, well-known his lovely, subtle taste in tattoos. While Seyoon has her fair share of micro tattoos — even dedicating a separate Instagram account for her smaller pieces — the South Korean tattooer enjoys playing up bigger pieces with a brighter ink palette and clean lines. Seyoon's tattoo subjects range from Disney characters and pop culture icons to lovely conceptual designs from her pretty mind. Unlike most tattoo artists in her region, Seyoon doesn't go for pastel and soft-themed works rather, she settles with louder colors to complement and add spice to her bite-sized pieces.

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