Simplicity is Key with the Bold Tattoos of Aldo Rodriguez

Simplicity is Key with the Bold Tattoos of Aldo Rodriguez

Sometimes it's best to keep it simple!

Though simplicity can always be appreciated, it still wouldn't be as awesome if the execution was not clean. Herein comes one of the best artists to do the job: Aldo Rodriguez. This artist creates solid and vibrant tattoos that truly hold 'cause they're bold!

Beautiful and solid dragon head tattoo by Aldo Rodriguez. #AldoRodriguez #GrandUnionTattoo #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #dragon #flames

Aldo Rodriguez is a brilliant tattooer from Indianapolis who makes folky and vibrant tattoos. Aldo Rodriguez works and tattoos at Grand Union Tattoo.

The tattoo style is Aldo's own take on classic tattoo designs. With images such as roses, eagles and wild cat heads, you can never go wrong with these classics. Though too folky for some, there is no doubt that for those who love classic and solid tattooing, this body of work is brilliant. 

Thick and clean lines show how confident Aldo is with his tattoo execution. All of the shading and colors are masterfully applied. The healed tattoos also show how strong the tattoos hold up even after healing. 

In today's tattoo industry, the old school bold tattoo style is making a huge comeback despite the huge popularity of realistic and other modern tattoo styles. Artists like Aldo Rodriguez keep the fire burning for this kind of tattoo style. I'm glad to say that it is burning bright as ever. 

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Bold and vibrant eagle on a skull. Chest tattoo by Aldo Rodriguez. #AldoRodriguez #GrandUnionTattoo #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #skull #eagle

All tattoos and photos from Aldo Rodriguez's Instagram.

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