Simply Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos by Danielle Merricks

Simply Beautiful Watercolor Tattoos by Danielle Merricks

Watercolor pieces for those who enjoy tattoos with a soft and subtle look.

The work of Danielle Merricks has popped up on Tattoodo several times over the last year. She's been featured in posts about Guardians of the Galaxy, daruma dolls, and the blue tit and robin birds, with each piece in her watercolor style

Danielle's work features three of many people's favorite things: flowers, animals and Disney characters. The Fine Arts graduate creates these beautiful pieces at Inkden Tattoo Studio in Blackpool, UK. Take a look and you'll soon fall in love with her tattoos. 

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Watercolor wolf tattoo by Danielle Merricks. #wolf #watercolor #inksplatter #brushstroke #DanielleMerricks #animal

If you want to read more about the origins, techniques, artists and aging of Watercolor Tattoos, be sure to check out our guide right here.

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