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Simply Elegant Wrist & Forearm Tattoos by Zelina Reissinger

Simply Elegant Wrist & Forearm Tattoos by Zelina Reissinger

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Combining Elements of Ornamental, Geometric, and Line Work

Sometimes you just want your tattoo to be simple. No overly involved designs, no color, no deep, poetic meaning behind it, just a few ornamental lines and a hint of shading. Sometimes simple is better, and sometimes all it takes are a few uncomplicated lines, elegantly connected to form a beautifully simplistic, decorative tattoo. Artist Zelina Reissinger of Vaders Dye Tattoo in Hamburg, Germany perfectly embodies this concept.

Creating outstandingly simple tattoos using elements of ornamental and geometric design, Zelina’s work is clean, crisp, and the perfect balance between artistry and design. You know how sometimes you can look at a person’s work, and be perplexed as to what their field of study was, and then once you learn their background it becomes so apparent you question why it didn’t occur to you in the first place? Zelina has a background in graphic design. I’ll pause here for the collective “.......OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” that we all know is running through your minds right now. Combining elements of line work, geometry, and ornamental pieces with her knowledge of graphic design, she manages to create some of the most beautiful tattoos without weighing them down with unnecessary details. The result is something in between an accessory and an outstanding piece of art, and it’s wonderful.

You can see more of Zelina’s work on her Instagram.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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