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Simpsons Superfan Spent £12,000 Covering Legs In Springfield's Finest!

Simpsons Superfan Spent £12,000 Covering Legs In Springfield's Finest!

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Simpsons superfan put her love for the show in ink.

This Simpsons fan took her love of Springfield's finest to new levels with these insane leg sleeves! 

Mary Taylor can safely say she is a Simpsons superfan, not only does she have 3,500 Simpsons toys and other memorabilia in her home but she also boasts two full Simpsons leg sleeves! Taking an incredible 180-hours the tattoos cost Mary a £12,000 and were completed by London tattoo artist Jeff Ortega!

From Toe to Thigh Mary's Legs Are Covered With Simpsons Characters! #Simpsons #Krustytheclown #cartoontattoos

The Simpsons leg sleeves have unsurprisingly brought Mary a whole host of attention with all eyes drawn to the cartoon inspired artwork. “My tattoos are so bright people often think I am wearing multi-coloured leggings. They are stunned when they look closer and realise they are tattoos of the Simpsons. But while some might think it odd, I love them.”

Mary's Legs Are Filled With Classic Simpsons Moments #Simpsons #cartoontattoos #Simpsonstattoos

Hooked since the first episode Mary watches all 27 series on repeat and can never have enough of Homer and co. "I have Simpsons DVDs playing all the time. My favourite character is Maggie as she’s always in the background up to mischief."

Some Of Mary's Work By Artist Jeff Ortega #Simpsons #cartoon #JeffOrtega

Following 80 hours of work on her left leg and 100 on her right Mary is possibly a world record holder for the biggest cartoon tattoo, though we will have to wait and see if she is. What do you think of Mary's insane Simpsons leg sleeves?? 

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

Tattoodo Staff Writer and tattoo enthusiast. Lover of all things traditional and blackwork!

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