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Sing Us a Song, Piano Man: Super Swell Music Tattoos

Sing Us a Song, Piano Man: Super Swell Music Tattoos

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There ain't nothin' corny about these music tattoos, piano man. These here pieces are made of musical legends and heroes.

It could be said that the people who get tatted up with their favorite music tattoos certainly know how to show their love and passion right on their sleeve. It's not just that music sounds good, or that we feel a connection to it because it reaches our deepest emotions...there's actually also a lot of science behind it. Listening to music that makes us feel good activates parts of our brains that are connected to that wonderful natural pleasure chemical: dopamine. This is the same neurochemical released when we eat good food, engage in romantic activities, or take addictive drugs. So, no wonder sex, drugs, and rock n roll go hand in hand!

These music tattoos prove that melodic tunes and creators are universally loved and appreciated. Just as music brings people together, so do tattoos...these music tattoos couldn't be created without the musicians who inspired them, the tattooist, and even the person who has the tattoo placed on their body. Tattoos are collaborative naturally, as is music. How often have you walked into a tattoo shop and it's completely quiet? Probably never. Music is such an intrinsic part of our life...we hear it at the grocery store, we listen to it on our way to work and at home, we go to shows to support and see the musicians we enjoy the's everywhere.

Hell to the yeah for music tattoos...whether it be a portrait of your favorite pop star (sup Britney Spears) or a memorial to an inspiration (Rest in Power Lil Peep) or just a sweet lil diddy like a boom box...or even a classical nod to the power of cello's and violins (who doesn't love to listen to a lil Yo Yo Ma here and there?!)...we love them all. We love that the tattoo community is just as diverse as the music in the world, and yes, it totally brings us together.

Written byTattoodo

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