Singer Jack Johnson Got His First Tattoo On His Arm

Singer Jack Johnson Got His First Tattoo On His Arm

The singing sensation got a keyboard on his forearm.

Jack Johnson (No, not the "Banana Pancakes" guy) got his first tattoo recently and revealed the new ink via his Instagram.

Johnson (No, not the guy who did the Curious George Soundtrack) got the piano he grew up playing tattooed on his arm.

One half of the duo Jack & Jack, the pop-rap group who gained popularity on Vine (How can that even happen for a music group? Those videos are 6 seconds long), the singer/songwriter debuted the new ink last Friday.

Apparently, the other half of the duo got a tattoo as well, but has yet to reveal the design. They were both pictured at the tattoo shop with their artist, Romeo Lacoste.

Here's Jack & Jack's website if you want to check out music that gained notoriety via Vine. There's a market for everything these days, I guess!

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