Sinister Black Tattoos by Simon Chognot

Sinister Black Tattoos by Simon Chognot

Death, hard rock and violence: these tattoos are not for the faint-hearted.

Simon Chognot works in his private shop, Cold Mind, in St Die des Vosges, France.

Inspired by rock culture, Simon Chognot is a musician, painter, illustrator and tattoo artist. If you are into badass, rough and dark art, then you will surely go crazy for his work.

Simon's tattoos mix black and grey and blackwork style. They are of a brutal nature and often feature macabre skulls and other references to violence. But, they can also pay tribute to the gloomy beauty of life. If you also have a "cold mind", then the work of Simon Chognot will satisfy your inner metalhead.

These skull tattoos are as beautiful as they are sinister:

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