Sketch Inspired Watercolor Tattoos by Felipe Mello

Sketch Inspired Watercolor Tattoos by Felipe Mello

Sketchy watercolor tattoos are always the best kind!

Brazilian tattoo artist Felipe Mello is at the very top of edgy watercolor designs. He is an artist who knows how to make a design his own and bring it to life with his awesome watercolor sketch style. Proving that contemporary tattooing has more versatility than people give it credit for, Mello is an artist to watch. His use of color and abstract linework really enhances his designs. 

Drawing on elements of realism, the tattoos of Mello are at the very top of modern designs. The fact that they combine a number of styles only adds to their impressiveness. Take a look at the watercolor tattoos below and see just how Mello makes the style his own.

All images via Instagram.

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