Sketchy Tattoos with Bold Watercolor Features by Jagood

Sketchy Tattoos with Bold Watercolor Features by Jagood

Jagood is a talented watercolor and blackwork sketch artist working out of Lucky 7 tattoo in Warsaw.

I first noticed Jagood when I was writing an article about map and globe tattoos, and couldn't help but be totally blown away by her unique blend of watercolor and blackwork sketch. I love that her lines are not necessarily super defined, and that her bold colors spill out over the lines, sometimes forming smaller, almost hidden images (as can be seen in her gorgeous shell tattoo below, with a mini seahorse off to the side). 

It is however always important to keep in mind that color with no black outline is always more likely to spread out and fade, and often needs regular touch ups! 

Jagood, who tattoos out of Lucky 7 Tattoo in Warsaw, also has a large inventory of only blackwork, sketch style pieces, which are incredible. For this article, though, I'm featuring her very distinct blend of blackwork and watercolor. I hope you think they are as beautiful as I do!

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