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Slick and Clean Neo Traditional Tattoos by Dan Hartley

Slick and Clean Neo Traditional Tattoos by Dan Hartley

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Masterfully done and vibrant as the sun! Amazing neo traditional tattoos that you'll definitely love.

Diverse and versatile, Dan Hartley's work is an amazing play on neo traditional tattoos. Abiding by the basic qualities of traditional tattooing while having fun with his own unique style, this tattoo artist's work is definitely worth sharing!

Magnificent rose and watch tattoo done by Dan Hartley. #DanHartley #TripleSixStudios #NeoTraditional #watch #roses #forearmtattoo

Dan Hartley is a tattooer who works at Triple Six Studios. It is located in Sunderland, UK. A versatile tattoo artist who makes solid work, Dan Hartley's tattoos would make any neo traditional tattoo collector want more!

Stunning facial tattoos of a razor and a ship helm by Dan Hartley. #DanHartley #TripleSixStudios #NeoTraditional #razor #shiphelm #facialtattoo

The solid clean lines and vibrant colors aren't the only amazing qualities of the tattoos done by Dan Hartley - it is also the way he composes them that make the tattoos more appealing to the collector. The ever classic roses combined with different elements truly make for good lasting tattoos - Dan Hartley's work is a testament to this. Other simple images he tattoos still deliver that impact due to the solid and crisp line work he does. The shading depth and color saturation are also excellently done, making his work stand the test of time.

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Creepy looking worm tattoo by Dan Hartley. #DanHartley #TripleSixStudios #NeoTraditional #worm #insect

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