Smoking Blackwork Match Tattoos by Laura Yahna

Smoking Blackwork Match Tattoos by Laura Yahna

Renowned blackwork artist Laura Yahna is making matchsticks her own!

In the world of contemporary blackwork tattooing Laura Yahna is regarded as one of, if not, the best artists to see. 

Her bold blackwork designs are simply beautiful but also incredibly versatile- although all fall in comparison to her subtle but rad matchstick tattoos. Yahna has taken what is nothing more than gap filler design and turned it into a must have tattoo, the bold burnt out match and dotwork smoke look awesome and come together to create the king of all filler tattoos. 

Ready to send your want for a Yahna matchstick through the roof these designs will leave you loving all things blackwork and all things Yahna so kick back and appreciate matchsticks like never before! 

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