So As Not To Forget: Interview with Visual Artist Elena Pancorbo

So As Not To Forget: Interview with Visual Artist Elena Pancorbo

In this interview with visual artist Elena Pancorbo she talks about her artwork, community, and why tattooing is important to her.

Soft skin tones, silky strands of hair, and the penetrating glances of soul filled eyes, Elena Pancorbo creates portraits that are beautifully depicted in pastel, pencils, and acrylic. In this interview she gives us a look at the lady behind the stunning tattooed illustrations. 

Can you talk about your artistic background? How did you get into painting/illustration, and why do you think it resonated with you?

I've been drawing since I was a little girl. I started drawing for hobby or pleasure, later I wanted to focus my studies to art, and one day I saw myself working for editorials until today. The drawing represents for me my way of expressing myself with my surroundings and with myself. I think I would be a very different person if I did not draw.

You bring something truly unique to your artwork. How has your style evolved over the years, and how did “tattooing” your subjects happen?

My style and way of drawing is changing, every year or day that goes by I acquire different ways of doing what I do. You are not happy with something and you change; I experiment constantly, although it is very difficult to leave the comfort zone.

I like the realistic style. My goal is not to achieve a very figurative style but it is true that I strive to achieve recognizable illustrations.

I love tattoos. For me it is another mode of expression and I often accompany my illustrations by them as an additional detail to talk about something in particular or simply embellish the figure.

Why did you decide to get tattooed? What did you get and what do they mean to you? Do you think tattoos are transformative?

I am a woman with clear ideas, I do not believe in the fact of "for life" does not repress me or scare me like other people with prejudices about tattoos.

I feel the need to look in the mirror and see them to remind myself of important things.

It is important for me that they mean something, that they mark a stage in my life, that is why I tattoo myself, so as not to forget.

What has your experience with the tattoo community or tattoo artists been like? 

Very good, really great. I am very concerned that the artist in question is sure of himself and is good at what he does. Some tattoos are my own designs and the tattoo artist who made them put the best of himself to capture my idea.

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Are there any artists, films, books, or art movements that really inspire you?

Of course, I could not list all the cinema that inspires me or even poetry, music, books, video art ... it is a fundamental part as a human being that I am curious about what surrounds me

Tattooing and Fine Art happen to be two industries that thrive on diversity, but are still very male-oriented. Can you talk about your experience being a female artist?

As in many other things, I'm afraid ...As a woman, and in my sector of the fine arts and illustration, I have not had any bad experience so far. I hope it continues to be so. It is absurd to measure the capacity of a man or woman just because of their sex. It is something that you have to keep fighting for a long time, I'm afraid.

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