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So Sweet They'll Give You a Toothache: Super Cute Tattoos

So Sweet They'll Give You a Toothache: Super Cute Tattoos

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No matter how hardcore you think you are, these cute tattoos are sure to make you squeal with delight.

Cute tattoos. You want em, you got em. We scoured the interwebs for the ultimate in cute tattoos...and heres a few! Of course, everyones definition of cute may be slightly different, but we think we brought together some awesome pieces that make even the most hardcore dudes out there squeal with glee. Whether its the cute pooch by Cho Tattooers, the kissing cherries by Ssun, or the kitty cuddle by So we're sure you'll love these cuties cuz they're cute to boot!  

Have you ever been looking at something cute and said, "OMG that's so cute I could almost squeeze it to death!"? If you haven't...then that's cool, we wish we were more composed when in the presence of ultimate cuteness...but usually that's exactly the reaction we have. If it's extremely cute...we might even burst into tears. Like those dog food commercials with happy families...gets us right in the feels. But mostly we feel like we want to cuddle the cute thing until its head pops off. And no, we're not crazy...there's actual science behind this phenomenon. And maybe these cute tattoos will show you exactly what we're talking about.

So, basically, someone presented their super science findings at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology's annual meeting in New Orleans in 2013...turns out that cute fluffy wubby widdle creatures bring out a lil violence in our wittle human bean brains. The scientists have a few reasons, pent up aggression being one, another was that strong emotions will sometimes trigger counteractive emotions to help us feel balanced (ever cried because you were just so darn happy?) and another was that whatever you're looking at, take for instance a cute puppy, may bring out instincts to protect it! Cool, huh? All the feels have reasons behind while taking a gander at this here collection of cute tattoos just let the feels flow.

Written byTattoodo

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