Soft Black and Grey with Nikolay Tereshenko

Soft Black and Grey with Nikolay Tereshenko

Keeping it soft and simple, Nikolay Tereshenko demonstrates his mastery of black and grey tattooing.

Black and grey tattoos seem fairly straightforward, right? You're not dealing with an extensive color selection, you're just working within the bounds of those two colors.

But what the masters of this style can do is they make this seemingly straightforward and simplistic style incredibly intricate and complex. Their use of shading and coloring within the confines of black and grey is what sets them apart from just any old tattoo artist in the world.

Nikolay Tereshenko is one of these masters. His use of shading within the boundaries of black and grey is one-of-a-kind, almost creating a new style with his soft designs. They aren't extremely bold and rigid like some of the tattoos you may see within the style, but rather they are more muted than his peers' pieces, which sets him apart from everyone else.

Tereshenko can be found in Kiev, Ukraine at the Daruma Workshop, a tattoo studio that he founded. While he's not a mainstream success on social media yet, I think his tattoos will open the eyes of many people working in the industry and fans of body art around the world.

Follow Tereshenko on Instagram to see even more of these soft black and grey beauties. 

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