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Soft Black & Grey Realism Tattoos by Alex Bruz

Soft Black & Grey Realism Tattoos by Alex Bruz

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This skilled tattooist is capable of rendering lifelike black and grey illustrations.

Alex Bruz is an astonishing tattoo artist who works in black and grey, as well as color realism. Bruz is capable of rendering picture perfect portraits of celebrities, animals that appear to be right out of nature, and other incredibly detailed imagery. Here's a sample from his breathtaking portfolio.

Bruz's use of soft shading and fine line-work allow him to create startlingly real depictions of celebrity musicians and movie stars. His illustration of Michael Jackson is simply out of this world.

While his celebrity portaiture is top-notch, Bruz's realistic tattoos that draw inspiration from the natural world are arguably his best. He has a knack for illustrating animals, whether they are the cute kind like that field mouse or the more treacherous sorts, such as scorpions, birds of prey, and jungle cats. Also, several of his critter tattoos exemplify how he sometimes uses spot color to highlight the realism in his black and grey work.

We hope you liked perusing some of Bruz's incredible black and grey realistic tattoos. If you'd like to have a look at more of his work you can find him on Instagram, and if you want to see some other great tattoos by other artists who practice this style, check out this article. Until next time, stay real everybody.

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