Solid Bold Classic Tattoos by Paul Nycz

Solid Bold Classic Tattoos by Paul Nycz

Crisp and solid line work framing out beautiful vibrant colors. These cool traditional tattoos by Paul Nycz look so stunning on skin!

Whatever tattoo subject you can think of, in the traditional style of tattooing, any tattooer with the right skill set and wit can make it happen for you. That is why I chose to share with you these tattoos by Paul Nycz.

Paul Nycz is a tattoo artist from Des Moines, Iowa, tattooing out of Iron Hearts studio.

If you are into traditional solid tattoos then you're in for a treat. Paul Nycz is a wizard with solid bold tattoos. Whatever subject it is, he always blows it out of the ball park. Ranging from classic sailor type tattoos to Asian style tattoo images, Paul Nycz manages to insert his own flavor and look into each of his tattoos.

Images from Instagram.

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