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Solid Japanese Style Tattoos by Freddy Leo

Solid Japanese Style Tattoos by Freddy Leo

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These classic tattoos by Freddy Leo just might help you with some ideas about the timeless style from the land of the rising sun.

Japanese style tattoos will forever remain a classic. These awesome and quirky Japanese style tattoos by Freddy Leo are something else!

Freddy Leo is a talented tattoo artist from Buenos Aires who creates quirky and solid Japanese style tattoos. Aside from making awesome body suits and majestic huge tattoos, he also makes small yet solid pieces. With such wit and clever approach to his work, his collectors are truly huge patrons of his work. 

Beautiful Japanese style sleeves by Freddy Leo. #FreddyLeo #japanesestyletattoo #irezumi #BuenosAires #koi #sakuras

The old school look that exudes from his tattoos appeals to those who love the classic tattoo feel, versus the more modern neo Japanese tattoos. With mostly animal images and classic Japanese subjects, Freddy Leo manages to stay original, classic and solid at the same time.

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Phoenix tattoo in progress, beautifully done by Freddy Leo. #FreddyLeo #japanesestyletattoo #irezumi #BuenosAires #phoenix

Images from Instagram.

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A tattoo artist working at Good Hand Tattoo, Metro Manila, Philippines. Forever a student of tattooing, art and life. A loving husband and a proud father of three. Follow me on Instagram @rcallejatattoo

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