Solid Japanese Tattoos by Luciano Vazquez

Solid Japanese Tattoos by Luciano Vazquez

Timeless Japanese tattoos are loved by collectors! Let Luciano Vazquez wow you with these!

Japanese tattoos will forever be loved and sought after. It is a timeless tattoo style that captures the imagination and is truly appealing to most collectors.

Luciano Vazquez is an amazing tattoo artist who is well versed in the Japanese style of tattooing. Massive and adorning the human body with such natural and stunning flow, his work is clean, solid and vibrant. 

Geisha holding a cat with some blossoms, sakura. Beautiful back tattoo by Luciano Vazquez. #LucianoVazquez #JapaneseStyle #irezumi #japanesetattoo #geisha

Luciano Vazquez creates his work with masterful flow and layout. The designs are cleverly composed and every piece seems to always fit every collector perfectly. The line work is so clean and solid. The crisp lining holds the tattoo intact and makes for a solid backbone for the piece. Luciano Vazquez's shading technique is nothing short of the expert level. The solid blacks and smooth grays are applied in a technical manner which makes sense for the design. When it comes to color, the selection is absolutely stunning and vibrant. Making the tattoos seem to jump right out of the skin - check it out below!

All photos and tattoos from Luciano Vazquez.

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Beautiful peony sleeve done by Luciano Vazquez. #LucianoVazquez #JapaneseStyle #irezumi #japanesetattoo #peony

All photos from Instagram @lucianolococo 

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