Solid Linework and Chill Sketch Tattoos by Mike Burns

Solid Linework and Chill Sketch Tattoos by Mike Burns

L.A. based Mike Burns has a ridiculous portfolio!

Mike Burns is a chill-vibed, talented tattoo artist who lives and works out of L.A., California. The shop he tattoos out of is called Kingswell, and is half skate shop half tattoo parlour, with the tattoo studio placed at the back of the shop. Burns is an incredibly skilled artist, creating mainly blackwork tattoos with clean lines and very detailed shading.

In a lot of his pieces, Burns incorporates geometric elements which gives his tattoos a stunning depth. The geometric beetle tattoo below is just one example of the kind of blackwork he is capable of. In addition to blackwork pieces with solid linework, Burns also excels at sketch style pieces. Make sure you have a look through the second half of this post to check out that work!

If I haven't proved this artist's versatility enough, he also creates some solid hand poked tattoos, which he is pictured doing in natural environments, such as mountain valleys in Peru (just casually). 

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And finally, a rare but beautiful color piece by Mike Burns.

Images from Instagram.

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