Solid Neo Traditional Tattoos by Anya Gladun

Solid Neo Traditional Tattoos by Anya Gladun

Food, flowers, animals, ladies and gents - everything looks great in the neo traditional style!

After eight years as a tattoo artist, Anya Gladun has found her rhythm, tattooing rad neo traditional pieces for her clients. Gladun tattoos out of Marlowe Ink Tattoo in Fairfax, Virginia. You'll find she uses a realistic, true to form, color palette in combination with the bold and soft linework. While many artists have a common theme to their tattoos, the pieces in her portfolio are wide and varied - there's food, flowers, and animals - something for everyone. 

If you live in the Virginia area, Anya Gladun is the artist to see for all your neo traditional tattoo needs. For the rest of you, keep scrolling and enjoy!

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