Some Floral Blackwork Tattoos to Entice You into Spring

Some Floral Blackwork Tattoos to Entice You into Spring

Flowers are iconic, and these flower tattoos are forever.

That pop of color that a floral arrangement brings to a room is what most people associate with flowers. Classic traditional flower tattoos — the most iconic of them the rose — are bold and bright, with thick lines and vibrant colors. But a well done floral tattoo isn't necessarily all about the color: it's about the flower anatomy, and impeccable shading. Blackwork flowers of all styles — traditional, illustrative, geometric — when done well and in consistent detail are powerful and incredibly sexy. 

They can act as fillers, they can act as entire sleeves. Regardless of their placement, blackwork flower tattoos have earned their own status in the lexicon of tattoos. 

Thick, bold lines enable an artist to make their black flower traditionally stylized and stand-out on the skin. Finer lines coupled with pepper shading give the flower depth and detail. A combination of styles, textures, silhouettes and cut-outs makes for an entirely unique floral arrangement, wrapping and artfully displaying on a client's skin. Blackwork flowers are beautiful, and as unique as their source material.

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