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Some Like it Haute: Top Model Tattoos to Celebrate Fashion Week

Some Like it Haute: Top Model Tattoos to Celebrate Fashion Week

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To celebrate all the fashion weeks happening around the world we pulled out pics of our favorite model tattoos.

You know, sometimes I just sit back and realize how freakin' hard my job is...looking at incredible tattoos, beautiful models, researching fashion events around the's so exhausting!

Obviously, I'm completely joking. This was a whole lotta fun to put together and hopefully a whole lotta fun for you to check out. For those who don't know, February is when the majority of the important fashion shows happen around the globe. New York, London, Milan and Paris host, what are considered to be, the most influential fashion events of the year. So, to celebrate all these fabulous faces of fashion, we bring you a list of some model tattoos that are our favorites.

Model tattoos in the fashion world haven't always been viewed fondly, but as style changes so to do the models. Perhaps the first instances we can see of model tattoos is in the 90's. Most of them were tiny pieces that could easily be hidden by make-up if need be..Kate Moss got an anchor on her forearm, Gisele a small star by her wrist. But since then, things have certainly changed and some models on the cat walk are covered from head to toe.

Personally, my absolute favorite tattooed model is Eve Salvail. A top model who was spotted by fashion genius Jean Paul Gaultier, Eve was known for a bold dragon that she got tattooed on her scalp while modeling in Japan. She went on to be in The Fifth Element, Pret a Porter, and Zoolander...she even showed up in a Lenny Kravits music video. Other stand out model tattoos certainly include Freja Beja Erichson's script neck tattoo "float", as well as Jamie Bochert's incredible skeletal fossil piece that crawls up her back. Omahyra Mota is another model who is heavily tattooed...same goes for Ruby Rose. Two totally gorgeous androgynous people that have certainly helped to diversify the fashion world. Slick Woods is a more recent star added to the galaxy of fashion models...but her look is totally incredible and unique. She's one of the faces of Rihanna's Fenty brand and has walked for the likes of Jeremy Scott, Miu Miu, and Marc Jacobs.

Behind all these model tattoos may surely lay some hidden meaning, or story. Others are pretty blatant, like Natalie Westling's Vans tattoo. In an interview with Vogue, Natalie opened up about her background and, of course, her tattoo. She started skating when she was just 3 years old, "I had these neighbors that were older than me and always playing on their skateboards, and I instantly became obsessed after they were cool enough to let me hop around and fall all over theirs." People may be hesitant to rep a brand so blatantly, but Natalie says that it just made sense for her. "Vans has been such a big part of my life for so long and remained my favorite shoe through the years—it was just one of those things I wanted to have done." And it's come in handy...she's a Van's ambassador with a campaign and shoe to prove it.

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Another interesting model tattoo story? Kate Moss and the ink on her bod that's worth £1million. I mean, of course it's going to be Kate Moss who has a tattoo that's worth that much. She's led one hell of an interesting life thus far. But the secret behind the worth of her tattoo is that it was created by one of the most famous artists of 20th century British art: Lucian Freud. While painting a portrait of her over a space of nine months, the two became very close...and of course, what's a better way to memorialize a friendship than a tattoo? Talking to Vanity Fair, Kate said, ‘He told me about when he was in the Navy, when he was 19 or something, and he used to do all of the tattoos for the sailors. And I said, “Oh my God, that’s amazing.” And he went, “I can do you one..." Now two sweet swallows rest at the base of her spine which, considering they were done by a famous artist whose last work sold for $29.8 million at Sotheby's. Kate joked, "If it all goes horribly wrong I could get a skin graft and sell it. It’s probably the only one on skin that’s still around, because when he was in the Navy he was about 19. Can you imagine?"

There's a ton of other models out there who are now tattooed...considering the trend, and the slowly growing societal acceptance of, and interest in, tattoos, it doesn't look like model tattoos while ever be out of style. Nothin' bad about that. Especially considering all the hotties out there getting tatted up to stand out against all the other faces in the crowd. Although I'm not a fan of people getting tattoos to make up for their lack of personality or to make themselves instantly "cooler", I won't lie: tattoos will make almost anyone instantly hotter. It's like layering Ghost Peppers on top of Jalapeños. The flavor just intensifies. If you don't believe me, please continue perusing these images of dangerously alluring model tattoos, and try not to look for more when the article ends.

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