Somebody Actually Got the Mother of Cliché Tattoos!

Somebody Actually Got the Mother of Cliché Tattoos!

If you're going to get a cliché tattoo, why not get every single one at once?

Every once in a while you see a tattoo that is so hideous it causes bile to rise in your throat. As you choke down that feeling of complete and utter disgust a new feeling takes its place. A strange feeling, what is it? Is that respect? You're goddamn right it is. You just can't help but tip your hat to the person that would boldly make such a ridiculous (and permanent) life decision. And that is exactly how you should react when you feast your eyes upon the Infinite Dream Catcher Dead Pet Tribute Anchored Birds Rising Out of Feathers Dandelion Emotional Script Religious Motivational Tattoo up above. (Editor's Note: This is just a working title, obviously.)

Nick The Barbarian Kelly, a tattooer out of New Hampshire, drew up the ridiculous design as a bit of an inside joke. Every element of the piece represents the sort of uninspired tattoo idea that people will bring into shops every single day. Not that there is anything wrong with these tattoos on the surface — when it comes to choosing tattoo designs we strictly believe "you do you" — but it can get insanely frustrating for an artist when they have to tattoo the same boring things constantly. 

So, Kelly just took 'em all and put them in the same design. It's a brilliant idea, to tell the truth. After drawing it up, Kelly threw it on social media and thought everyone would have a good chuckle and that would be it. Never in his wildest dreams did he think someone would actually tattoo it.

But then, because the universe is a weird and wonderful place, it happened. 

Nick Barbarian on Facebook.

Normally an artist would be pissed off when they saw that someone else stole their design. But honestly, what tattooer would want to make this beautiful monstrosity? It's so many annoying clichés at once! Kelly just laughed it off and offered to pick up a round. 

Using my dual role as editor and degenerate, I'd like to do the same. If you're the person that tattooed this glorious amalgamation, or better yet, if you're currently in possession of this badass tattoo, hit me up and the drinks are on me. You have made all of our lives just a little brighter with your completely ridiculous life decisions. Thank you. 

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