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Something Wicked This Way Comes: Dark Art and Horror Tattoos

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Dark Art and Horror Tattoos

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Are you scared of the night? Prepare for the dark forces. We'll definitely test your limits with these intense dark art and horror tattoos!

Darkness can slip between any crack wide enough to hold a whisper...the bleak ghosts of old, the ancient demons who call upon the forces of malevolent, the devils that haunt your dreams, the reaper that collects your soul...these, and beyond, are the inspirations for dark art tattoos. If you can't feel the evil essence emanating from these pieces, we're sure they'll at least show up in your nightmares. Often illustrative, often done in swaths of blackwork, dark art tattoos are a special kind of horror meant to either ward off the wicked or to embrace the deepest darkest parts of ourselves. 

Dark art tattoos are, surely, an entire aesthetic all on their own. And although they can usually blend in with other styles, they are immediately recognizable by their depictions of demons, ghosts, skeletons, and other creatures of the crypt. The people who get these tattoos probably like to listen to black metal, have picnics at cemeteries, and switch their schedules to replicate that of vampires....but maybe that's just us. Dark art has inspired so many films and books, and vice versa. You can certainly find tattoos inspired by HP Lovecraft, or Guillermo Del Toro that fit perfectly within the depths of dark art. 

If you're interested in seeing more of this particular style, we suggest you check out our guides for Blackwork, or our collection of horror tattoos...dark art pieces tend to hide out in there. You can also use our app to easily search for vile and foreboding artwork to gain inspiration for your next tattoo...even better, you can also use our new booking feature to hit up some artists in your area who specialize in capturing hellions and incubi on skin. Wielding a tattoo machine, and perhaps a book of spells, we promise Tattoodo can help you find the next artist for your dream dark art tattoo.

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