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South Korean Tattoo Artist Zihwa's Fine Lined Floral Masterpieces

South Korean Tattoo Artist Zihwa's Fine Lined Floral Masterpieces

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Zihwa's flower tattoos are detailed, refined, and intricate.

We've gone into a lot of detail about South Korean tattoo artists. There's a very specific set of regional trends for South Korea — tiny, detailed, ideally easy to hide (though not always). South Korean tattooist Zihwa makes subtle, detailed tattoos, perfectly on trend but definitely with her own flair. Her use of fine lines as shading and as texture give her florals a sense of movement and biology, and they're really something to behold.

Here's more of the beautiful Tattoos of Zihwa

Zihwa currently tattoos out of Reindeer Tattoo Studio in Hongdae, Seoul, and the work coming out of the studio is all refined, elaborate, and very tightly executed. Follow Zihwa on Instagram for more than just her flowers and florals.

Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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