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Space Travel Made Easy: Portal Tattoos

Space Travel Made Easy: Portal Tattoos

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Have you ever wanted to jump into the Milky Way? Well, these Portal Tattoos make space travel easy.

Seriously, if you haven't thought...even once...about space travel, you are crazay! But thanks to the techno geniuses around the globe, we have tons of examples of what that could look like, feel like, and where exactly you could go! Think about it: Star Wars and Star Trek both have pretty great ideas about what traveling the universe would take. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy gives multiple options too...Guardians of the Galaxy as well! What do they all have in common, however? Portals. Perhaps the most simple interstellar travel tool ever: a simple door or entryway to another reality. So since we're feelin a lil spacey and wanderlusty today...we grabbed up a bunch of the best portal tattoos to get ya in the same mood.

We think that the popularity of portal tattoos is not only a hurrah for sci fi and space love, but also for travel in general. For real, think about how cool it would be if everyone just had a teleportation device in a closet at home. Keeping in touch with friends around the world would get a whole lot easier!! So, we started wondering...are portals and stargates real? Obviously we immediately googled this and were faced with a bevy of conspiracy theories that prove portals and stargates do, indeed, exist on Earth. Just check out the Bermuda Triangle.

Another actual scientist named Jack Scudder was reported on by NASA, and they explained that portals exist in space but they are highly unstable, invisible, and will open or close without notice. Basically, it's a magnetic process that creates uninterrupted paths to different points in space...uhm, obvs way more complicated than that, but that is the real deal behind these portal tattoos. Considering how close 2020 is, we hope that interstellar travel will soon become a thing...that way we can be crazy cool Portal Hunters jumping freely from any time and any space.

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