Spectacular Black and Grey Tattoos by Ruben from Miks Tattoo

Spectacular Black and Grey Tattoos by Ruben from Miks Tattoo

Black and grey tattoos are really popular among collectors. But there are some that rise above the rest...

The monochromatic look of the black and grey tattoo style is such an elegant and sophisticated look. This makes the counter culture art of tattooing look really formal and timeless.

Ruben is a tattoo artist who works at Miks Tattoo in Copenhagen. His work is a dazzling execution of black and grey tattoos that are undeniably masterful in terms of composition, layout and overall look.

The black and grey tattoo style that Ruben specializes in makes use of beautiful references. It's where all great black and grey tattoos come from. The best monochromatic tattoos have a beautiful reference source that helps the artist make a beautiful tattoo. Ruben is a master when it comes to value, texture and highlights. These make the tattoo truly stand out from the rest as they are essentials to the realistic approach.

To see more of Ruben's amazing tattoo work, feel free to follow him on Instagram.

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