Spectacularly Smooth and Stunning Tattoos by Jakub Hendrix

Spectacularly Smooth and Stunning Tattoos by Jakub Hendrix

If you fancy creative tattoos that are surreal with a realistic artistic rendering approach, these tattoos by Jakub Hendrix are for you!

Surreal and realism? How does that work? Well, these tattoos by jakub Hendrix are a juxtaposition of the two. Some elements in the tattoos are realistic while others are out of the ordinary.

Jakub Hendrix is a brilliant tattoo artist from Rybnik, Poland. He works and tattoos at InkOgnito Tattoo.

The tattoo style that Jakub Hendrix is known for is the surreal visual approach and realism. It is incredible how he takes a subject and lays it out on the skin, making the images adorn the particular part of the human body. With different subject matters such as portraits, animals and surreal fantasy, it's truly amazing to see the technique and combination of elements in his pieces.

Jakub Hendrix creates both clean black and grey tattoos and spectacular vibrant color tattoos. Though most tattooers stick to making one or the other, he is versatile in both styles and expertly executes each tattoo project with clean and solid outcomes.

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