Spotlight on Special Tattoos: Revisiting Tattoo Artist Interviews

Spotlight on Special Tattoos: Revisiting Tattoo Artist Interviews

We love special tattoos and unique tattoos just as much as you! That's why we're revisiting some of our fave past tattoo artist interviews!

Every Friday we try to bring you some of the best tattoos we have to offer on our Tattoodo App, and this collection is no different! No matter what placement or the size, forearm tattoo...small tattoos...chest tattoos, everything included...we always like them to be high quality and special. For this tattoo theme article we brought together some unique tattoos that we feel might resonate with you, as well as some quotes from past interviews with these particular tattoo artists! We sought to go behind the scenes with these tattooists because they have something awesome to share with the tattoo community, and we thought you may agree!!

Of course, whenever we interview a tattoo artist, we always want to know two main things about their work: how did they get into tattooing, and what inspires them to make such unique tattoos? And they each have some pretty enlightening things to say! When we asked Brindi what inspired their particular designs, he responded, "I'm inspired by many things, but I would say the main ones are ukiyo-e, memes, The Simpsons and 1990-2000's tattoo style. Various artists definitely inspired me at some point in my carreer, like Marcin Aleksander Surowiec, Ichibay, Keuns." 

Julian Llouve is another tattooist who is inspired by vividly colored imagery, he even mentions some film directors that capture his imagination too! "I started getting inspired by futuristic movies and sci-fi imagery, using the colors that stood out to me. I am inspired by dystopian movies and nonlinear experimental music. I can really appreciate the beautiful chaos of certain sounds and visuals. The skill it takes to sculpt and collage a piece together from the discord of it all is something that influences me. I would say some of my heroes are Terry Gilliam, Tim Hecker, Terrence Malick, and William Gibson."

Many tattoo artists will describe their journey into tattooing pretty different from case to case. Some of them do pretty strict Traditional apprenticeships, while others take a more DIY completely depends on the talent, devotion, and personal story. 

Nomi Chi, aka Lizard Milk, had a rocky road...but it eventually lead to a super supportive tattoo community. "My apprenticeship began shortly after I turned 15...My mom introduced me to my tattoo mentor, who at the time was working out of his apartment in my neighborhood. This should have been a red flag, but I was an over-eager baby! ...My learning was fraught: strangely enough, tattoo clients are hard to come by when you’re like 16 years old and working out of a scary man’s apartment, but I scratched on and did some ‘interesting’ work before before turning 18 and proceeding, with wobbly tattoo-baby legs, to work in a Real Tattoo Shop. My tattoo work didn't stand out until I began to travel and work in different tattoo studios many years later, with varying wonderful folks who taught me how to be a better artist and a whole person."

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Others, like Soto Gang, have a seemingly magical and quick road to success...but be assured, it still means a whole lot of work! " I graduated art school in illustration and had been working in the skateboard and streetwear industry. I bought a tattoo machine on ebay once...A year later I was invited to tattoo at Art Basel, Miami and another year later I was being trained by Maxime Plescia-Buchi at Sang Bleu in London."

If you're looking to see more behind the scenes stuff, check out more of our tattoo artist interviews or our videos, aka Sessions, filmed with tattoo artists at the best tattoo studio's and conventions around the world! From Hawaii to Denmark, and even Japan, we've got awesome stuff to share with you. If you're looking to get a a unique tattoo of your own, check out our new booking feature. We always want you to get the best work out there, and we want you to know exactly how to take care of it afterwards too! If you ever have any questions, or even if you know of some super cool tattoo artists out there that we should cover, hit us up and let us know! We'd love to hear from you!

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