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Spread Your Wings and Learn to Fly: Marvelous Butterfly Tattoos

Spread Your Wings and Learn to Fly: Marvelous Butterfly Tattoos

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Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly. These beautiful butterfly tattoos show you all the ways to transform!

Why do you think people love butterflies so much? Butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular pieces to pick up, no matter where you happen to we've got to wonder, what is it about these sweet little creatures that people are so drawn to? Perhaps it's their symbolism, or their beauty, or maybe they just work really well for this collection, however, we give you the low down on what we think is behind one of the best forever trends out there! We've brought together a bunch of really awesome examples of this particular piece too, so we hope you're totally inspired.

Again, perhaps what people love about butterfly tattoos is that they can carry a lot of meaning. Their life is short, but that gives even more power to the symbolism to this insect. "Once it emerges from its chrysalis as an adult, a butterfly has only 2-4 short weeks to live, in most cases. During that time, it focuses all its energy on two tasks – eating and mating. Some of the smallest butterflies, the blues, may only survive a few days. Butterflies that overwinter as adults, like monarchs and mourning cloaks, can live as long as 9 months." So, look at it this way: either you can feel like they symbolize transformation (caterpillar to butterfly), or you can see them as the perfect epitome of living in the moment (getting drunk on nectar and bumpin' uglies with every butterfly friend they find), or you can see them as a reminder that life is all about freedom, so spread those wings and fly!

Whatever meaning you prescribe to your tattoo, it's totally up to you. At the end of the day, your tattoos should be personal emblems that you want to show off to the world. We also really love when people make something super trendy, incredibly unique. Maybe that means giving your butterfly some incredible color, like the beautiful blue wings on some of the insects in this collection. Or maybe that means having a quote to go with your butterfly tattoo...Ylitenzo's piece says, "Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to." What could be a more beautiful sentiment than that? We also really loved Tattooist Dal's butterfly and buttercup tattoo. We are huge huge huge fans of creating empowerment and transforming through the art form of tattoos. Sometimes scar cover ups can be incredibly healing, and remind you to have hope during hard times...especially if there is a sweet little flying friends to remind you that there is always change right around the corner...there's always strength within to either adapt to a situation, or make the most out of it. It's all about perspective, but visual reminders can really really help.

Speaking of developing adaptations...did you know that there are some butterflies out there who like to drink the tears of turtles? Totally wild. Apparently sodium is a hot commodity out in the Amazon, so some butterflies figured out that instead of drinking human sweat, or animal urine, they could turn to their turtle pals for a good dose of natural salt. That is, after they've put together their mouth. "A butterfly that can't drink nectar is doomed. One of its first jobs as an adult butterfly is to assemble its mouthparts. When a new adult emerges from the pupal case or chrysalis, its mouth is in two pieces. Using palpi located adjacent to the proboscis, the butterfly begins working the two parts together to form a single, tubular proboscis. You may see a newly emerged butterfly curling and uncurling the proboscis over and over, testing it out." So....if all these reasons don't inspire you to totally love up on these butterfly tattoos...we don't know what to tell you. Except that maybe the animal kingdom is totally full of amazing'll never run out.

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