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Spread Your Wings and Take Flight: Butterfly Tattoos

Spread Your Wings and Take Flight: Butterfly Tattoos

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These butterfly tattoos are not just beautiful...they also symbolize freedom and an embrace of the transient.

Flitting about as though they had not a care in the world, these little flying babies capture hearts and imaginations no matter what. Butterfly tattoos are an homage to one of the most beautiful parts of the natural world. They can symbolize many things but above all are definitely a nod to freedom and a love for animals and insects. Perhaps butterfly tattoos can also symbolize an embrace of the transient nature of quickly things are born and die, but how lovely the time is spent in this life. It's all about perspective. Like most things in life...

Butterfly tattoos are popular and it's a trend we hope never falters. Insect pieces, in general, can be fascinating and gorgeous. They can also very easily show an artists many things butterfly tattoos can be incorporated into any design, and can be done in an insane variety of styles. It totally just depends on what you're looking for! These butterfly tattoos are great examples of big blackwork or illustrative all the way to very fine line watercolor pieces. While these tattoos may be fascinating, read on to get a little more insight into this bugs life...

So, get this: many of us have seen a butterfly unfurl its long thin tongue to grab the nectar of a flower, but apparently butterflies taste with their feet. Since we're located in New York, we're pretty glad that that isn't the case for humans...however we do kinda wish our eyes had the 6,000 lenses that butterfly eyes have. They can even see ultraviolet light! Not only that but most adult butterflies never poo. They use everything they eat for energy. Get that. Probably when these people walked into the tattoo shop for their butterfly tattoo they didn't exactly need to know all these facts, but it's pretty cool to know anyhow!

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