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Sssseriously Sssssick Snake Tattoos

Sssseriously Sssssick Snake Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Snake tattoos can have many meanings, or no meaning at all, but they sure do look good on the skin.

Perhaps you may be wrapped up in all the symbolism and myths that surround snakes and snake tattoos, but matter whether you think snakes are evil incarnate or the sweetest creatures that ever slithered on this earth, they're actually super important to our ecosystem. That may be another reason why snake tattoos are so popular: they are ever present in our society...we need them to make nature work. Without them, apparently, things would be totally out of balance...and isn't that a cool idea? This is true for many animals, but some animals just resonate deeper with us.

Although we're sure that this wasn't really a thought behind snake tattoos, save for all the sweet science geeks out there, believe it or not: snakes act as natural pest control. Without them, rodents and other prey species would overrun our land...and we don't have no Pied Piper to come and save us with the melody of a flute. Even other predator species would have trouble keeping up with the numbers...snakes are just way more low key. Most of them live under ground, and this isn't an accident. That's where mice, rats, and more little snacks for snakes live.

Without our snake friends the entire ecosystem would be totally out of wack. And, again, maybe that isn't exactly why people get snake's just a good reminder that we are all connected and necessary. A tattoo artist wouldn't survive without clients. Clients could survive without tattoo artists, but even that's debatable. Tattoos help transform and empower us...they enliven our lives with beautiful art. This art inspires us, motivates us. Snake tattoos are just the beginning of a whole world full of ideas, opportunities for creation, and more. We hope you like this collection, and if you're ever looking for new work: check out our app. We've got you covered.

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