Ssssnakes! Detailed Serpent Tattoos by Mirko Sata

Ssssnakes! Detailed Serpent Tattoos by Mirko Sata

Ssslink your way over to thessse awesssome sssnake tattoos.

The work coming out of Italy is just wild. We've got gradients, we've got thick off-set lines, we've got super sick snakes. Based in Milan but traveling all over the world lately, Mirko Sata's snakes are crisp and cool as fuck. Sata's snakes are all consistent and familiar, but unique to each individual they're tattooed on. He has a mastery of varying line weights and of the winding, scaly twist of each snake's spine, and they're delightful to gaze at. 

Sata has also become known for his incredibly adept use of white ink. He knows just how to pack it in, as well as where to use it for its own line or as an ornamentation on a piece. 

His snakes also have a quality of movement to them, brought on by how specific the scales are. Sata obviously looks at real references of snakes — he's not just drawing his idea of snakes. The scales contort with each snake's movements, creating a fun, flexible mesh over each client's skin. They have such a specific texture to them. 

Slither over to Sata's Instagram for more. He's traveling all over, so the chance to get your own snake friend is high on the lisssssst.

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