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Stab-Happy Traditional by Peppermint Jones

Stab-Happy Traditional by Peppermint Jones

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Handle these dangerous dagger tattoos with the utmost care.

If you like your tattoos as traditional as they are sharp, then Andrew Mcleod — aka Peppermint Jones — is the artist for you. He does tons of dagger tattoos and they're all razor sharp. He drives these knives down the middle of all kinds of other classic motifs, like animal heads and hearts, and adorns their hilts with ornamentation and other iconography. Check out this sample of his bold, bright, and piercing work, but be careful, you could very well lose an eye. 

Mcleod's daggers feature bold line work and densely saturated color palettes, making them outstanding like any good poignard when brandished. He smiths his blades into so many unique shapes. Some of them have pointed ends, while others are curved, and a few even have beaked-noses. When it comes to body art, he forges everything from narrow stilettos to J-shaped khanjars. 

The more embellished, the better. Some of his illustrations of these short blades are accompanied by rich, detailed imagery as opposed to the singular animal head, heart, or all-seeing eye. In these pieces, he not only impales a central image but adorns his daggers with other iconography from the traditional style. For instance, he often perches beasts like eagles on top of their ornate handles and covers their quillions with imagery as seen in the matching dagger tattoos with playing cards at the bases of their crossguards. 

A heavily embellished dagger tattoo with an eagle and snake by Andrew Mcleod (IG—peppermintjones). #AndrewMcleod #dagger #eagle #snake #traditional

If you want to see more of Mcleod's double-edged work, cut a path on over to his Instagram. Also, he works at Chapel Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia should you want a traditional dagger to adorn your own body, too.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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