Stand By Your Ink, And On It

Stand By Your Ink, And On It

Leg sleeves (you know, tattoos) are no longer just an inaccurate way to talk about pants.

Ah, the leg. Truly, one of evolution’s most splendid creations! You can do so much with a leg, and even more with two of the suckers! You can stand on them, kick stuff with them, nail heel-flips, run from the cops, or get really amazingly awesome at hacky sack. Oh sure, the leg is far from perfect. The knees could bend backwards a little, a cup holder would be nice, and I would love to have my heels light up when I walk without investing in a pair of children’s shoes. But the leg is still pretty good.

Another great thing about legs is that you can cover their entirety with rad tattoos. Lord knows I’ve looked down at my leg skin on more than one occasion and been revolted by its natural state. Thankfully, those who are less broke and cowardly than I have lent their bodies to a rich tradition of full leg sleeve tattoos.  And with the size of a leg sleeve, tattoo artists are given a remarkably large canvas upon which their skill can shine. But to pull off a really great leg sleeve, an artist must have solid comprehension of the human body and its contours.

Here are some pictures of recent leg sleeves to make you hate that singular tattoo you have on your leg that makes getting something like this impossible!

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