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Staying Safe in Style: Tattooer Made Face Masks

Staying Safe in Style: Tattooer Made Face Masks

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Explore creative face mask options crafted by some of America’s most talented tattoo artists!

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been doing our part to stay safe through social distancing, quarantining, and the use of face masks. Almost a year into this global health crisis, a new sense of “normal” is beginning to emerge, and people are deciding to opt for more fashionable and creative face masks.

Face masks by Michelle Rubano #MichelleRubano #facemask

Thankfully, tattoo artists from around the country have been launching custom face masks, providing customers with the ability to wear their favorite artists designs, and helping to lighten the atmosphere.
If you’re interested in finding a mask featuring tattoo flash designs, popular tattoo motifs, or Ornamental style accents, read along to explore our top suggestions for tattooer made face masks! This is a very brief list so if you, or someone you know, is a tattooer making awesome masks, please reach out and we'll add you to it!

Face mask by tattooer Peace on the sun #Peaceonthesun #facemask

Tattoo Studio Face Masks

Chronic Ink

Canadian tattoo shop Chronic Ink has recently launched a full collection of high-quality neoprene and polyester face masks adorned with original artist’s designs like Fine Line roses, dragons breathing fire, fierce snakes, and sparrows in flight.

One of the greatest benefits, when you buy a face mask from Chronic Ink is the knowledge that 100% of the proceeds go directly towards supplying front line workers with the protective equipment they need.  
All of Chronic Ink’s 5 locations throughout Toronto and Vancouver have contributed to this project, so if you’re interested in a particular artist’s work, make sure to explore their online selection of face masks and check out your favorite tattooers designs!

Three Tides Tattoo

Three Tides Tattoo is a world-renowned Japanese shop currently featuring a wide array of expressive face masks. Each mask features various imagery inspired by traditional Irezumi style tattoos. From tigers and waves to dragons and smoky clouds, Three Tides offers masks that feel refined, stylish, and fierce.

When exploring the masks available on their site, Three Tides describes them as protecting against pollen and UV while remaining cool to the touch and comfortable to wear. For those who want additional protection, Three Tides Tattoo also offers an inner pocket within their face masks, where you can insert a filter of your choice for customized COVID protection.

In addition to allowing customers the ability to add filters into their masks, Three Tides has also ensured that the mask’s lining absorbs moisture quickly, dries fast, and is soft in texture. For customers in the US, Three Tides face masks work out to around 16 USD, which is an awesome price considering their high-quality material and detailed designs.

Sang Bleu

London’s world-famous tattoo studio, Sang Bleu has been creating super trendy and comfortable masks to help aid in the fight against COVID-19. If you’re searching for a tattooer made mask that feels minimalist and subtle, Sang Bleu may be the right choice for you! Each black Sang Bleu face mask features a white sigil on the left hand side and a white lettering design on the right, making it a very understated and hip aesthetic.

Sang Bleu face masks are made with washable cotton lining and are designed to be reusable and comfortable to the wearer. At 10 pounds per mask, or 13 USD, these simple and chic masks are an excellent selection for those seeking a trendy tattooer made face mask.

Sang Bleu face mask #SangBleu #facemask

Tattoo Artist Face Masks

Maples Merchant

Maples Merchant is an accessory and clothing brand owned by San Francisco tattoo artist, Austin Maples. To assist in keeping customers safe during COVID-19, Maples created a limited-run custom line of face masks to help people feel fashionable and expressive amiss the COVID pandemic.

Maples Merchant masks are described as comfortable, reusable, and washable, crafted from 100% ringspun cotton and 2-ply tight-knit jersey. To keep the mask feeling fresh throughout use, their fabric is also treated with an antimicrobial agent that contains silver, which helps to eliminate any odors that may become trapped in the cloth.

Maples Merchant masks currently come in a black color only and feature a design of a small traditional style rose in the corner, giving them a classy and timeless appeal. This is a perfect face mask for someone who wants a creative accent to their protective gear, as opposed to a loud and colorful design.

Maples Merchant face mask by Austin Maples - #MaplesMerchant #AustinMaples #facemask

Black Cat Tattoo Company

Los Angeles based tattoo artist Edgar Armendariz has been creating custom design face masks since the beginning of the pandemic for clients who were seeking more artistic options. Owner of Black Cat Tattoo Company, Armendariz is well-versed with printing designs onto sweatshirts and t-shirts, which is why he decided to use his equipment and skills to make custom face masks during the pandemic.

Though his creative contribution to the face mask market has been welcomed, it hasn’t been an easy endeavor for Armendariz. When asked about the more difficult aspects of the process he cited that masks were incredibly hard to source at first, and profit margins were poor, but in the end, Armendariz felt the endeavor has been worthwhile as the masks have helped to add a little happiness into people’s lives during such a turbulent time. To design your custom mask, visit the Black Cat Tattoo site and contact them for a quote.

Black Cat Tattoo Co face masks #BlackCatTattooCo #facemasks

Big Sleeps

World-famous Lettering style tattoo artist Big Sleeps has launched his own custom COVID face masks, sporting his infamous writing style and quirky imagery. Currently available in multiple colors, Big Sleep’s washable face masks are a trendy way to remain safe during the pandemic while supporting an artist you love.

The limited-edition masks are currently priced between 22 and 25 USD and are made in Los Angeles. For those who don’t prefer traditional face masks, Big Sleeps also offers a wide selection of bandanas on his site featuring his signature style Lettering designs.

Tattoo Inspired Face Masks

While there are many talented tattoo artists, shops, and collectives designing custom face masks, there are also a plethora of everyday companies creating tattoo inspired face masks. From hearts and daggers to Traditional style big cats and Japanese dragons, mainstream brands and small businesses alike are adopting tattoo motifs into their aesthetic when it comes to face masks.

While it’s super cool to see tattooing influencing mainstream style, it’s also important to support actual artists and the community, which is why buying your mask directly from a tattooer is the best way to go. 
Many tattoo artists and shops have been negative impacted by the lockdowns during COVID-19, with some having to close their doors forever. This is why it’s more important than ever to support the artists you love by purchasing your custom face masks through their websites as opposed to brands simply experimenting with tattoo aesthetics.

While we are all hoping for normalcy soon, one of the best ways to remain positive is through embracing creativity and art. Though you may not be able to show off your makeup, or rock as many visible facial piercings, your mask can still serve as a creative outlet for you; while working to support the artists you love.

Face masks by Renaissance Tattoo #RenaissanceTattoo

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