Still Not Asking For It: Red Point Does Global Tattoo Flash Event

Still Not Asking For It: Red Point Does Global Tattoo Flash Event

In celebration of the famed tattoo flash event gone global, I spoke with Liv Wynter about Red Point Tattoo hosting Still Not Asking For it!

SUNDAY: June 9th, 2019

12PM-8:00PM at Red Point Tattoo : 9 Penton Street, London N1 9PT

Fundraiser for Solace Women's Aid


Even if you've never experienced it yourself, you know someone who has. They may not have told you about their experiences, their traumas, but statistically speaking, they're in your life and they need your support. 

Domestic abuse is rampant. The violence affects millions around the world, and the statistics are heart breaking. "Societal acceptance of domestic violence against women is widespread in developing countries, with 36 per cent of people believing it is justified in certain situations." In the U.S., "The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of American women who were murdered by current or ex male partners during that time was 11,766. That’s nearly double the amount of casualties lost during war."

Issues like these desperately need visibility and awareness to save lives, and support survivors. This educational event is such a perfect example of how the tattoo community connects over global lines for an imperative cause. Through creative expression, direct action, and the cultivation of solidarity, tattoo flash events like these empower others with powerful life changing resources. 

To honor the event, Liv Wynter of Red Point Tattoo talked about the impetus behind their joining the global web of tattoo studios involved with Still Not Asking For It, and why this issue is so crucial to advocate for. 

Tell us a bit about the event: what it’s all about, how it got started, who is involved?

So, Still Not Asking For It is an event created by Ashley Love, who ran the first event in 2015. Originally based just in America, we are now representing the London section of the event on the 9th of June. Ashley started the event to celebrate and bring together survivors of sexual abuse, and we hope to carry on that legacy at Red Point Tattoo. We're super excited to be hosting Cloditta, Inma, Rizza Boo, Virginia, as well as our very own Claudia de Sabe! Along side these five amazing tattoo artists, we also will be hosting Bloody Mary Metal who has designed an exclusive charm for the event, and we've put together a zine featuring poetry from myself. Basically, theres something for everything, and no reason not to turn up!

Why is this event important to Red Point?

Tattoo artist and painter Claudia de Sabe, co owner of Red Point Tattoo, says "When Ashley asked me to be involved, I was stoked. The fact that it’s not isolated but is a worldwide event is very powerful and has the potential to really attract attention and make a difference within the tattoo community and beyond. I come from Italy, a country where I never felt equal to men, and where women's rights are so basic it's soul destroying. Awareness and ownership of our bodies is a topic that is not talked about in the mainstream media or in school enough. The fact that talking about race, abortion, or simply body image provokes eye rolling at best is proof of how much work needs to be done and why we shouldn’t stop talking about it."

For me, as the shop manager of Red Point Tattoo but also as a survivor of domestic violence, I am really proud that my shop is dedicated to being outspoken and having conviction about our political ideas, and I'm excited for the shop to be buzzing with amazing women and femmes!

I feel like the tattoo community is often involved in fundraisers/events, and overall, really politically active. Why do you think this?

I feel like as the UK becomes far more politically fucked, the need to show visible solidarity is so important. I would say that our shop is a politically engaged space, where we want to find ways to welcome and support marginalized customers. We want people to feel welcome and supported here, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or sexuality. Tattooing has always been linked to existing outside the lines or living in a way society isn't necessarily comfortable with, so it makes complete sense that there is a level of political energy attached to it.

Can you tell us a little about working with Solace Women’s Aid? Has the studio worked with them before, and why are they the organization that was chosen?

Solace Women's Aid is an organization that offers free advice and support to women and children who are escaping or living with abuse. For £52 we can cover the cost of a one night stay for a family seeking refuge and for £208 we can cover the cost of a four night stay for a family seeking refuge, so were hoping to reach over a grand. We haven't worked with Solace before, but I have always admired the work of feminist direct action group Sisters Uncut who recommend Solace as a good domestic violence service.

Any other awesome events, guest spots, etc that you’d like to share from Red Point?

We have a whole bunch of stuff coming up, including a flash day for the guys at the shop in a couple of weeks, and eventually our opening party! Our artists will also be hitting up Bristol and London convention. Follow us on Instagram at to keep up to date with whose passing through the shop and what events you can come and hang out at. Still Not Asking For It will be on June 9th, see you there!

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