Straightforward Bold Tattoos by Wilson Ng

Straightforward Bold Tattoos by Wilson Ng

Amazing tattoos with those crisp solid and bold lines combined with super vibrant colors - Wilson Ng's tattoos are incredibly powerful!

The bold lines combined with solid black and vibrant colors are truly a mix for awesome tattoos. The style has been around for decades for a reason: making the tattoo last over time.

Wilson Ng is an amazing tattoo artist from Singapore. He works and tattoos at Time Tattoo. Wilson Ng's tattoo style is bold and traditional. The thick black lines and vibrant colors make his tattoos really vibrant and visually attracting. You can distinguish an image from a few feet away. This makes the tattoo look really good throughout the years. I would say that the key to a good tattoo is to make it readable even if many years have passed. Wilson Ng executes his work with such cleanliness and solid color saturation. This is surely something that collectors would like to have on their skin...

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