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Straightforward Single Line Tattoos

Straightforward Single Line Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Sometimes, a line is worth a thousand words.

Minimalistic tattoos are raging and if you think less is more, then you should consider single line tattoos...

Just one line. The concept couldn't be clearer. The design of single line tattoos is created without interruption. With few details, the result is a bit abstract, very poetic and, of course, straightforward. Some artists may add some dots for shadings, but most of the time, one thick line is enough. Aren't you already crushing on single line tattoos? If not these examples will do it...

More by Mo Ganji: Just A Line Please

Single line pinky promise tattoo by Shehan #singleline #Shehan #linework #minimalistic #pinkypromise #abstract

Written byJenTheRipper

Writer for art related medias. Fell in love with tattoo while researching for another passion, crime history. Travelling, admiring, sharing.

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