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Strange But Cute: Axolotl Tattoos

Strange But Cute: Axolotl Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These axolotl tattoos pay tribute to one of the weirdest creatures on planet Earth...but it's also so darn cute!

So, we've given you weird tattoos, surreal tattoos, strange tattoos, tattoo of weird things, tattoos of crazy things...tons of different types and levels of freak flag flyin kinda shyte. And today, we bring you another level: axolotl tattoos. Axolotls are neotenic salamanders...which is basically like saying that somewhere along the road of evolution these buddies stopped where they were at and just chilled. Which explains a lot: their odd colorations, their sometimes translucent skin, their hands (yes HANDS) that have teensy tiny sort of cute fingers that actually don't really also may explain why they don't have eyelids. Idk. Like we said, this animal is serving up a whole lotta weird, and we love it.

Basically when we post these little tattoo theme articles, it's to give you some inspiration for new ink, as well as maybe introduce you to some artists you didn't know were out there. But we also do these tattoo themes in conjunction with things we notice going on in the tattoo community, and it seems for the past few months there has been a surge of tattoo collectors requesting axolotl tattoos. Why is this, do you think? Is it because humans are also neotenic, and we're finally figuring out that if we don't somehow evolve in the next few decades, that (due to our misuse of the planet) we'll die out thanks to a lack of oxygen, water, and possibly food so we feel a sort of kinship with this little creature? Maybe that's reaching too far...

Maybe people get axolotl tattoos because their weird...and the same time sort of like the Blob Fish or Wombats or Aye-Ayes. Their almost so strange, and sometimes ugly, that you just can't help but binge on images of them. Or get them tattooed on your skin! Next tattoo theme coming at ya? Hairless cat and naked mole-rat tattoos. Because people are just as weird and cute as the ink they get.

Written byTattoodo

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