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Strangers in Paradise: The ‘90s Soap Opera Comic

Strangers in Paradise: The ‘90s Soap Opera Comic

Entertainment3 min Read

Terry Moore’s seminal work has inspired many a Katchoo and Francine tattoo.

When I was about 11 years old, I got really into comics. My entry was through the ‘90s X-Men cartoon, and soon I was consuming back issue after back issue, going to the local Borders in search of more (Editor’s Note: KD is the reason local comic shops closed). In the height of my desperation to find more X-Men, suddenly, a comic book kiosk appeared in the mall near my family’s home. Right when you entered on the north side of the Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs, Florida — Big Entertainment Industries stood blocking the regular flow of traffic.

SiP has a cult following by this point, up with other ‘80s and ‘90s indie comic darlings like Maus, Bone, and The Sandman, so it’s no surprise die-hard fans have gotten tattoos of comic panels, of Katchoo, Francine, and the infamous Parker Girl tattoo. While the series has been over for a decade, and Moore’s storytelling and depiction of women still inspires. I recommend snagging the series — now helpfully packaged in a box set — and giving it a try. Strangers in Paradise helped to pave the way for a lot more indie comics with strong female leads getting bigger distributions, and for that, I’m really grateful.

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