Street Fighter V Mod Makes Juri a Goth with Tattoos and Piercings

Street Fighter V Mod Makes Juri a Goth with Tattoos and Piercings

A recently released mod for Street Fighter V enhances the character Juri’s appearance by stylizing her with piercings and tattoos.

Many of the character mods that have came out since Street Fighter V’s (SFV) release have been awesome so far, but from our perspective here at Tattoodo, the recent one for Juri is hands down the best because it incorporates body modification. This mod by BbbSFXT adds gothic cosmetic flare to the fierce female fighter by adorning her with lots of piercings and tattoos, and we think she looks great.

This isn't Juri's first gothic makeover, but since this mod gives her snakebite piercings and a sleeve full of tribal tattoos, it's definitely the most outstanding so far. The body modifications make this sadistic member of S.I.N. (Shadaloo Intimidation Network) just that much more hardcore. It is also notable that the costume she's wearing is a throwback to her outfit from Street Fighter IV.

We hope you liked seeing Juri's new look. If you play SFV on PC, consider downloading the mod, so you, too, can fight as her looking this awesome. Also, if you enjoy video games as well as tattoos, check out this post. We'll make sure to cover any other new mods for the game if they include tattoos, so keep an eye out. We hope there are more to come. Lastly, check out the video of the gothic ass-kicker below.

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