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Strike A Pose: Fabulous Twiggy Tattoos

Strike A Pose: Fabulous Twiggy Tattoos

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In this selection of awesome tattoo ideas, we've gathered depictions of the iconic supermodel of the 60's: ultra cute Twiggy tattoos!

Let's get in the groove with some swingin' '60's Twiggy tattoos!! She may have captured world fame over 50 years ago, but she's still inspiring so many people with her positivity, energy, and big baby blue eyes. This selection shows off awesome portraits of Twiggy in all her glory. Many of the tattoo artists used aesthetics or styles from the 1960's to enhance their'll definitely notice some pop art and graphic art stylings in many of these pieces. We also always love a realism tattoo any day of the week, especially when it portrays one of our favorite famous people!

These Twiggy tattoos absolutely capture her vibes, but as you may suspect...Twiggy is not her real name. Dame Lesley Lawson was born on 19 September 1949 and raised in Neasden, which is part of London. At only 5'6", Twiggy became the worlds first supermodel. It wasn't only her thin chic look that caught attention, her big eyes sparkled on camera, especially with the giant eyelashes and colorful whimsical make-up that was popular during that time. Believe it or not, Twiggy doesn't consider herself the first supermodel ever...she takes a lot of inspiration from Jean Shrimpton who Twiggy thinks should have that special title.

 Regardless, Twiggy's great looks and fun flavor helped win hearts. So, how was she discovered? "In January 1966, aged 16, she had her hair colored and cut short in London at Leonard of Mayfair, owned by celebrity hairdresser Leonard. The hair stylist was looking for models on whom to try out his new crop haircut and he styled her hair in preparation for a few test head shots. A professional photographer Barry Lategan took several photos for Leonard, which the hairdresser hung in his salon. Deirdre McSharry, a fashion journalist from the Daily Express, saw the images and asked to meet the young girl. McSharry arranged to have more photos taken. A few weeks later the publication featured an article and images of Hornby, declaring her 'The Face of '66'. In it, the copy read: 'The Cockney kid with a face to launch a thousand shapes... and she's only 16'."

Ever since then it hasn't just been Twiggy tattoos she's inspired. She's been the face of multiple campaigns, starred in movies, partied with the hottest celebrities, and more. She even won two Golden Globe awards for her role in Ken Russell's film "The Boyfriend". Her website goes on, "Twiggy had considerable success with her own variety series for the BBC and her portrayal of Eliza Doolitle in Yorkshire TV's production of "Pygmalion" was highly praised. She then had outstanding success in the Tony Award winning Gershwin musical "My One and Only". The musical ran for nearly two years and she was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance. Twiggy continued to act in film and TV in the U.S. and U.K. with parts in "The Doctor and the Devils", "Club Paradise", "The Blues Brothers", "The Little Match Girl", and "Young Charlie Chaplin" to name but a few. In 1988 Twiggy married British Actor/Director Leigh Lawson who starred with her and Shirley MacLaine in "Madame Sousatzka" directed by John Schlesinger."

And for all those fashion fans out there, we're assuming that includes the tattoo collectors sporting these Twiggy tattoos, we got to see Twiggy on one of our favorite shows, America's Next Top Model...she was even a judge on Project Runway! Twiggy continues to make appearances, create incredible content, but she's also a huge lover of animals and people. "Twiggy is an ardent supporter of animal welfare through numerous societies - an anti fur campaigner, and is known also for her support of breast cancer research groups." So, not only is she fabulous and fierce, she's also totally a love person inside and out!! Pretty awesome hero to have permanently tattooed on ya, don't you think?

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