Striking Blackwork and Alternative Traditional Tattoos By Matt Cooley

Striking Blackwork and Alternative Traditional Tattoos By Matt Cooley

Rain City tattooer Matt Cooley plays with blackwork and traditional style tattoos by blending his trippy touch and humor in them.

If you ever find yourself in Manchester, here's somebody you ought to visit — you gotta keep his open booking dates in mind, though, they're getting pretty full! Matt Cooley is a tattoo artist of Rain City Tattoo Collective just along Chapel St. Matt has been tattooing for ten years, with influences like Amelie Fontaine and Joan Cornelia. His style ranges from blackwork to traditional with a twist often featuring popular singers like Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, cult films, and according to him, ‘mandalas, pulp fiction, and more weird shit.’

Matt keeps his linework as bold and simple as possible, making it up with the color and uncanny design. They're electric. It's beautiful how he can make something so moderate and so interesting at the same time. They also have some kind of retro, dark comedy feel to them.

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Aside from his musician and loveless-inspired tattoos, I'm also loving his original flashes. They always seem as if they're taken straight out of an 80's cult film.

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