Strong and Badass Knuckle Tattoos

Strong and Badass Knuckle Tattoos

Bold, inspiring knuckle tattoos to enhance your hands and cement your status as a bad-ass

Hand tattoos have their own status in the tattoo world. They're a sign you've filled up, that you're bold enough to go beyond job-stopper territory. There are so many designs that can tuck onto a hand, inside or out — but knuckles have their own unique placement. Limited by the shape and form of fingers, and the scope of having eight individual digits to take into consideration, knuckle tattoos are their own special challenge for an artist and client alike. So when a supremely cool knuckle tattoo comes across our desk here at Tattoodo, we gotta save it and admire it. 

We've gathered some bold, bright, and all around distinct knuckle tattoos to inspire you. Take a glance at your own hands and think about it — what would you get? What statement would you wanna make?

From tiny little detailed finger jewels to bold wild big text, knuckle tattoos are versatile and diverse. Check out the artists' Instagrams for some more inspiration.

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