Strong and Massive Japanese Tattoos by Horisada

Strong and Massive Japanese Tattoos by Horisada

The huge coverage and intense workmanship of Japanese tattoos are truly reflected by Horisada's amazing work.

Horisada is making some amazing, huge and intense Japanese style tattoos. The collection of tattoos made by this tattoo artist is just kick ass beautiful!

Horisada is an amazing tattooer who specializes in classic Japanese style tattoos. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this phenomenal artist creates pieces that seem to flow on the human body, with images that are timeless and powerful.

Horisada's work is straightforward and very solid. The Japanese style of tattooing has the fundamental formula of having black and gray colors in the background and super bright and vibrant colors being used for the subjects. This makes the tattoo look really bold and powerful. The linework is solid, crisp and flows beautifully- this makes the colors hold up for years, keeping the tattoo intact and readable as it ages.

The ones who liked Horisada's work can enjoy more Japanese style tattoos on his Instagram.

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