Studies Show That Tattoos Strengthen Your Immune System

Studies Show That Tattoos Strengthen Your Immune System

Because what better reason is there to get more tattoos?

That's right. A group of students at the University of Alabama have discovered some interesting new facts about tattoos and their ability to strengthen our body's defense against sickness. 

Building that immune system.. #tattoo #inprogress
Building that immune system.. #tattoo #inprogress

The students approached patrons to be tattooed, surveyed them, and took saliva samples. These saliva samples were taken before and after their tattoos, and were used to measure  immunoglobulin A- which is an antibody stress hormone that's known to suppress immune response. It's basically the OG of responders to sickness in our body. 

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"Levels of immunoglobulin A dropped significantly in those receiving initial tattoos, as would be expected because of the immunosuppressant effects of cortisol, responding to the stress of tattooing. But the immunoglobulin A decrease was less so among those receiving tattoos more frequently, Lynn said.

“People with more tattoo experience have a statistically smaller decrease in immunoglobulin A from before to after,” says Lynn" - a doctor involved in the study.

I'm going to talk about this in the most easily understandable way possible- because I had to read this shit like, 100 times before I fully understood all of the super smart science talk (I went to art school, okay) and I'm just not even going to try to fake being doctor-smart to you guys. So here's the "Science For Dummies" version for you. 

Basically, when you get a tattoo- your body goes into shock. It's not used to having needles jabbed into it repeatedly, let alone for hours at a time. It's exhausting. Have you ever noticed how after getting tattooed you feel kinda tired? It's because your body has just been through a lot. Getting a tattoo weakens you a bit in the sense that your body experiences exhaustion- and with exhaustion comes less strength to fight off sickness. You're way more likely to get a cold when you're super fatigued than when you're not. So, in essence, getting just ONE tattoo makes your immune system significantly weaker. 

She's talking about the cold she has because that's her only tattoo and her immune system is shit. #quote
She's talking about the cold she has because that's her only tattoo and her immune system is shit. #quote

However, on the flip side of that- the studies also showed that getting SEVERAL tattoos can actually make your immune system STRONGER.

This works pretty much in the way that going to the gym does. You go, you lift some weights, and you're sore. It kinda sucks, your body hurts. But next time you go to the gym and lift weights- it's easier. Because your body is getting stronger each time you put stress on it. 

That's what happens when you get multiple tattoos. Your body becomes used to getting tattooed, and each time you go- you get stronger. Your body is used to that stress, and instead of it weakening you the way it did the first time- you become more and more immune to that exhaustion, and your body continues to get stronger in fighting off bad shit. That's a scientific term by the way- "bad shit."

So, I tried to talk science and it was really hard. If none of that made sense- just listen to this: Go get tattooed, a lot, and never be sick again. That's an exaggeration, but hey. It really does help.. So get to it. 

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